The New Brunswick Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care

NB COLLABORATIVE STORYWe Are All Neighbours in AgingThe New Brunswick Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care, a growing coalition representing 33+ stakeholder organizations whose programs support New Brunswick's senior population, focuses its efforts in collaborating with organizations and individual citizens interested in healthy aging and care. Specifically, the Collaborative meets to determine the ways in which NB stakeholders can work together to shape aging in our communities by developing unique partnerships to build system capacity, impact culture and affect needed policy change.


A number of stakeholders who have an interest or whose programs support New Brunswick’s seniors have come together and to create a new conversation on healthy aging in our province.


The group recognizes that:


  • The future we wish to create is one where seniors are respected, valued for their wisdom, can live independently for as long as possible, experience opportunities for healthy aging, and are connected with an intergenerational mix of young and old.
  • It is important to acknowledge the barriers (resistance to social change, poor coordination & communication, and institutional focus), and appreciate the enablers (willingness to change, desire to fix a malfunctioning system, population growth, and existing resources) on this journey.
  • The way to bridge the gaps between the present and future is through the power of people, community support and a focus on aging at home and in our communities.
  • A ‘New Brunswick solution’ is needed to meet our unique challenges
  • We all have the SHARED RESPONSIBILITY in shaping health, wellness and aging
  • We must embrace collaboration between health and social to form a comprehensive process  that invests/considers healthy aging and care together.
  • Innovation must be embraced rather than resistance to new approaches.
  • A strong partnership with government to effect policy development that supports connectivity between communities and departments.

“It’s time to change the conversation. If we see seniors as a burden, we only see part of the solution. It’s about the creative energy that new people and fresh thinking can bring when we see everyone, including seniors, as contributing to the way forward.”


John McLaughlin, President Emeritus, University of New Brunswick

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