Activities & Partnerships

Collaborative Activities

Since its beginning, the Collaborative has focused its efforts on creating a provincial space for stakeholders to engage in a shared conversation on aging, to better understand how it is experienced in New Brunswick communities, and to co-create a future that is inclusive of all ages.

Past & Ongoing Activities


The Collaborative has an active communication network that strives to keep New Brunswickers up to date on aging-related stories, information, resources, and opportunities for collaboration. Our quarterly newsletter welcomes inspiring stories from citizens and communities creating impact at the local level.


  • E-Communication

  • Quarterly Newsletter – Neighbours in Aging

  • Social Media


Public Engagement & Participation

The Collaborative provides opportunities for engagement and participates in aging-related events, workshops, and discussions.


  • Bi-annual Stakeholder Meetings (2015-2016; 2019)

  • Presenter at the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network’s Student Ambassador Policy Day session. Complexity in Policy Development: Seniors in New Brunswick Communities (2018)

  • Summit Events (2012; 2017)

  • Hosted 6 “Engaging Aging” sessions across the province (2016 Federal Election)

  • Panel Speaker at the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network Forum. NouLab Panel: Solving Complex Problems and Challenges (2016)

  • Co-presenter at the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association’s AGM. Breakout session: Facilitating Healthy Aging - Creating Supportive Environments (2016)

  • Co-Presenter at the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging’s Our Future is Aging Conference. Breakout session: Healthy Aging - Approaching Change from the Grassroots Perspective (2016)

  • Hosted Political Parties Forum on Healthy Aging & Care (2014 Provincial Election)


Partnerships, Consultation & Co-Creation

The Collaborative welcomes opportunities for partnership development and supporting other organizations and community groups in their efforts to plan, promote, and mobilize programs and initiatives.


  • Established partnership with the Tamarack Institute as Cities Deepening Community members and to introduce the Local Deepening Community Initiative (2019)

  • Hosted cohorts of St. Thomas University Post-Degree Bachelor of Social Work Students for their Social Action Placement (2016;2017;2018)

  • Established partnership with the office of the Lieutenant-Governor to assume the committee secretariat role for the Lieutenant Governor’s Excellence in Aging Award (2017)

  • Established partnership with the provincial government New Brunswick’s Age-Friendly Community Recognition Program to participate as members of the Assessment Team (2017

  • Developed Community Readiness Checklist Prototype (2016)

  • Secured funding for Village of Gagetown transportation project (2014)

  • Established Volunteer Governance Council for the Collaborative (2015)