New Brunswick Dementia Friendly Initiative

Creating an Inclusive Community for People living with Dementia

New Brunswick Dementia Friendly Community Initiative

Thank you to the Public Health Agency of Canada

The Collaborative welcomes the Government of Canada’s investment in the “New Brunswick Dementia Friendly Initiative” pilot project, under the Government of Canada’s Dementia Community Investment, administered by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  

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Dementia Community Investment Funding Recipients


The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

What is the New Brunswick Dementia Friendly Initiative?


This initiative seeks to support and assist New Brunswick communities that have an interest in better supporting people living with dementia, through the introduction of dementia friendly approaches (such as education and awareness raising) to their local context.


As more communities are engaging in age-friendly and dementia-friendly initiatives, there has also been increasing interest and recommendations on how these two initiatives can align and add nuance and value to one another. By sharing fundamental objectives that include helping individuals remain independent, engaging with a cross-section of the community, and creating a supportive social and physical environment, age-friendly communities can build on their existing successes and provide a strong foundation for communities to not only introduce dementia friendly approaches, but also improve sustainability and reach of dementia friendly actions.


We plan to introduce this project in five communities that have been recognized as age-friendly in New Brunswick, through the introduction of dementia-friendly approaches (such as education and awareness raising) to their context, in addition to five communities that have not engaged in the province’s age-friendly recognition program, as any community can take steps to increasing understand and awareness of dementia.


By working with two different cohorts of communities, we will be able to better understand whether existing age-friendly interest, infrastructure, leadership, and connection to community provides a stronger foundation for the introduction and integration of dementia-friendly approaches to take place.


Goal of the initiative:


  1. Familiarize New Brunswick communities to dementia friendly approaches and assist in their efforts to become more inclusive of people living with dementia.

  2. Engage community members with lived experience in the project (people living with dementia and caregivers).

  3. Undertake intervention research to assess the effectiveness of the pilot project.


The Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care greatly acknowledges all who have supported the development of this project to date, as well as the collaborating organizations and stakeholders whose knowledge, feedback and connection to New Brunswick communities will ensure the success of this project:

  • New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes

  • Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Continuing Care Safety Association

  • Department of Social Development - Seniors Healthy Aging Secretariat

  • Dr. Michelle Lafrance - St. Thomas University

  • Dr. Julie Caissie – Recherche et consultation J.C.

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