Our Vision for

New Brunswick


Make New Brunswick the Best Place to Age

We envision a future where individual citizens and communities are inspired to lead their own healthy aging journeys and where New Brunswick offers a quality of life known to be the Best Place to Age.


The Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care promotes collaborative, community-driven efforts that respond to opportunities and challenges related to aging in New Brunswick.

We recognize, celebrate, and mobilize community assets and local leadership to connect stakeholders and cultivate shared responsibility and ownership in aging well.

The Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care Supports:

Collaboration • Capacity Building • Conversation • Celebration

Collaboration: To create a provincial space for individual citizens, communities, local groups, students, researchers, associations, businesses, and government to collaborate at the community level.

Capacity Building: To build grassroots connections and partnerships to address challenges and foster opportunities that are unique to New Brunswick communities and their regional culture.

Conversation: To enable a shared conversation on aging that is inclusive of all voices.

Celebration: To recognize, celebrate and promote the conversations, initiatives and work to support healthy aging happening across our Province.

Strategic Goal of the Collaborative: to promote, mobilize, and celebrate the power of grassroots leadership.


• To create awareness on aging well.


• To empower and catalyze individual stakeholders, community, and decision makers.


• To promote a new vision for aging well through inspiring stories.

Click here to see the Collaborative’s 2019-2022 strategic plan.

Collective Impact

The Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care philosophically aligns its efforts within the framework for Collective Impact. This framework comprises five core conditions including: the development of a common agenda; using shared measurement to understand progress; building on mutually reinforcing activities; engaging in continuous communications and providing a backbone to move the work forward.