Bachelor of Social Work Social Action Placements


Exploring the Value and Need of Social Work in Nursing Homes (2018)
Bachelor of Social Work students explored the value and need of social work in nursing homes, by distributing a survey to senior management and board members of New Brunswick nursing homes. Survey objectives included exploring the role of social work in this setting as well as how this role can assist with transitions into care, psychosocial needs, care planning, and ongoing mental health needs of nursing home residents.


Informal Caregiving in the Province of New Brunswick - Continued Recognition of our “Hidden Allies” (2017)
Bachelor of Social Work students continued to explore and shed light on the experiences, challenges and needs of informal caregiving in New Brunswick. Working under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Lafrance and her research on informal caregivers in the province, students transcribed 25 qualitative interviews to learn more about the daily realities of informal caregivers.

Informal Caregiving in the Province of New Brunswick - “Hidden Allies” to the Healthcare System (2016)
Bachelor of Social Work students explored the hidden socioeconomic cost of informal caregiving in the province of New Brunswick by shedding light on the important contribution caregivers provide in sustaining our present healthcare system, investigate ways to better support them, and educate/spread awareness on the policies that positively or negatively affect informal caregivers.



Healthy Aging Summits


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