Healthy Aging Summits

Summit 2017

Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care: 2nd Summit Event

Exploring our Stories and Shaping our Future

In November 2017, the Collaborative hosted its second summit event on the fifth anniversary of the first summit in 2012. The two-day event was held on November 14th and 15th at the Fredericton Inn.

Over 250 care providers; non-profits; academics, government representatives; students; and community members gathered together to listen to thought-provoking speakers and engage in cross-sector conversations focused on creating action at the community level through the empowerment of citizens. Our vision was to inspire NB citizens to acknowledge and appreciate the potential of grassroots mobilization for change at the community level.

Conversations focused on topics that included, but were not limited to:

• Age-Friendly Communities;

• Community-Driven Solutions;

• Aging in Place;

• Informal Caregiving;

• Intergenerational Integration; and

• Grassroots Leadership


Discussions were vibrant and participants were fully engaged, sharing their personal experiences, ideas and suggestions. Feedback from the Summit was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% of those who gave feedback suggesting they were inspired to take action. One summit participant noted, “this is one of the most inspiring events I have attended. It is good to hear people in different organizations and walks of life share experiences. Wonderful collaboration!”

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Summit 2012

Summit for Healthy Aging and Care: Innovating Together

In November 2012, New Brunswick organizations in the field of services for seniors came together to host the Summit for Healthy Aging and Care: Innovating Together in Fredericton. More than 320 seniors, health care workers, policy makers, and other stakeholders from across the province took part in a two-day summit, with the shared goal to re-envision aging in New Brunswick and develop ideas into a framework for change.

Conversations focused on topics such as accessing and receiving services, barriers and enablers to creating an ideal future for older adults in New Brunswick, creating age-friendly communities and support for family caregivers.

Data collected from group discussions was analyzed and the summit coalition continued to meet post-event. It was felt that we received a grassroots mandate to determine the next steps.

From the data, we identified three strategic priorities. These priorities are what informed the development of a framework for a Provincial Collaborative.

1) Caring Communities

2) Continuing Care

3) Consultation and Contribution